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-- After 30 years of contra dances in Greenville, 
the dances are suspended as of the 2018 season. 

Live music!  No partner or experience necessary!  

Contra dance evenings in Greenville usually 
include a variety of contra dances, square dances
(squares and/or circles), and waltzes. 

The now common description of contra dancing 
as a “self-inflicted amusement park ride” started
in FASG promotional materials in the early 2000s.
Join the fun! 

Our bands typically play a mix of old-time, bluegrass, and Celtic music.  Some of the movements in contra dancing--like circles, stars, allemandes, and swings--are also elements of square dancing, but the overall group formation for contra dancing is lines.  In pairs of lines, couples progress “down the hall” (away from the band) and “up the hall” (towards the band), interacting with most or all of the other dancers in the line during a single dance.  

Walk-throughs typically precede each dance during an evening, and dancers from beginner to experienced are welcome.